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Daycroft History

A photo of the old Daycroft School

From 1928 to 1991, Daycroft School educated thousands of students who attended the Christian Science Sunday School. Along with its college preparatory curriculum, Daycroft provided a family-like atmosphere, where individuality was honored and each student was encouraged and expected to contribute in ways that made the community a better place for everyone.

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Online Learning

A photo of the old Daycroft School

Daycroft provides quality online education for English-speaking families around the world. Families supply a computer with a high-speed internet connection, and the Daycroft Online Learning Community provides the courses, books and materials, and support for the parent-educator to provide rigorous but flexible education for their children at home.

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“Thank you so much for helping me come here! I am so grateful to have a second year here, and I have never been so excited to come back to a place before. I healed myself twice in two weeks without help, which for me is a great accomplishment. Camp is a wonderful place to be. It’s the only time I can have friends that are Christian Scientists for more than an hour at church. I love camp!”

— Camper