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Daycroft sells the books and CDs listed below. Prices and brief descriptions are available on the Order Form. To order any of these items, please call the Daycroft office or print out and mail or fax the order form with your payment information.

“Perceive Then Demonstrate, Words to Young People” 1942-1990

A compilation of graduation addresses. Speakers include L. Ivimy Gwalter, Paul Stark Seeley, James K. Kyser, and Geith Plimmer. Reprinted in 2005, this book includes 16 addresses not in the original volume. Soft cover.

Four talks by Lona Ingwerson, CS, given at The Daycroft School

  1. “A Talk to Young People” — Answers to students’ questions about Christian Science with outstanding examples of healing.
  2. “Poetry” — Mrs. Ingwerson reads and discusses her own poetry, and shares some of her favorite poems from the periodicals.
  3. “Moral Standards” — A discussion of the Christian Science standard of morality for young people.
  4. “The Ten Commandments — Daycroft 1986 Commencement Address” — Helpful insights into the healing power of the Ten Commandments and how abiding by the Commandments can bring peace to the world.

Talks given at The Daycroft School Foundation’s Education Conferences

  1. “The Power of Spiritual Vision in Education” — Given in July 2004 by Don Ingwerson, one of America’s leading educators and now a Christian Science practitioner.
  2. “Educating from a Spiritual Standpoint” — Given in July 2006 by Marilyn Wallace, an experienced teacher and administrator.
  3. “The Only Course for True Education” — Given in July 2006 by Paul White. In this compelling talk, Paul shares healing experiences and inspiration from years of working with at-risk students.

Talks given by B. Cobbey Crisler, well-known Bible scholar and former Daycroft President

  1. The Walk to Emmaus
  2. The Case of Job
  3. The Holy Ghost: Its Scriptural Role
  4. The Gethsemane Decision
  5. War in Heaven: Conquest of Inner Space
  6. Jesus and the Equality of Women
  7. Healing (Box set includes 4 talks)

The Daycroft Newsletter

The Daycroft Newsletter is published two times a year and contains information about the Foundation’s current activities as well as news and photos from alumni, faculty, and staff. To request a copy or to be put on Daycroft’s mailing list, please contact the Daycroft office.