At Daycroft, we have a heart for children. We love the teachings of Christian Science, and we understand the importance of a spiritually-based education. When spiritual values are taught and lived, wonderful things happen. Talents surface, character is strengthened, limitations are overcome, and healing happens. The Daycroft School Foundation supports education in a Christian Science environment, where children and young people are seen as unlimited and wholly good and where character development and spiritual growth are of utmost important.

In 1928, Sara Pyle Smart opened a nursery school in Connecticut for children growing up in Christian Science families. Beginning with four students, Daycroft School grew quickly, eventually opening a boarding department and offering a full college preparatory program. The school graduated its first class in 1940. In addition to maintaining high academic standards, Daycroft provided a wonderful family-like atmosphere, where individuality was honored and each student was encouraged and expected to contribute in ways that made the community a better place for everyone.

Though the school is no longer operating, the Daycroft idea continues through The Daycroft School Foundation. Most of Daycroft’s current trustees have a direct connection to the school, and know firsthand what a loving, supportive atmosphere that includes high expectations does for children and teens. It’s this kind of education that the Foundation supports.

What the Daycroft Foundation is Doing Today

Grants. The Foundation makes grants for educational purposes to other non-profit Christian Science organizations that serve children and young people in the same grades (nursery-12) that Daycroft School served.

Daycroft Initiatives. From time to time, Daycroft offers is own programs, such as conferences and homeschooling counseling. Currently, Daycroft is offering its support to E3: Elevating Education Everywhere, a new non-profit helping Christian Science-based schools in developing countries.

Peer Support. Daycroft serves as a connecting point for many programs that serve and support Christian Science youth. Daycroft is in a unique position to share information, provide counsel, and jumpstart special initiatives.


Gratitude . . .

From a camper: “Thank you for donating the money for me to come to camp! I had a great time. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to pay for myself! But it would be nice if you donated for someone else so they could have such a good time as me! And to grow as much as me in Christian Science.”

From a conference participant: “We are home but full of wonderful inspiring ideas from the conference. It was exciting to hear from other Christian Scientists who are educating children with a spiritual perspective…My whole approach to teaching will change this year. I am no longer going to feel hesitant about taking a stand for having a peaceful, more character building focus.”