Who We Support

Daycroft makes grants to organizations that have 501c3 non-profit status in the United States and are educating young people in harmony with the teachings of Christian Science.  We do not give grants to individuals.  Most of Daycroft’s grants are for scholarships or camperships, though the Foundation occasionally helps organizations with other needs.

Grants to Camps
There are six Christian Science summer camps for Christian Science youth in the United States and Canada.  Daycroft supports them all through grants for camperships.  Over the last 25 years, Daycroft has given over two million dollars in campership funding.

Grants to Schools
The Foundation supports schools that embrace the teachings of Christian Science. While our primary focus is on providing scholarship funds, the Foundation occasionally helps schools with other needs.

Daycroft keeps contact with all the schools around the world that base their education on the principles of Christian Science.  There are six schools in the United States, one in Australia, and one in England.  Additionally, Daycroft is in close contact with several schools in developing countries through its partner non-profit, E3: Elevating Education Everywhere.

DiscoveryBound is a year-round program for youth, families, and friends that offers inspiring recreational, leadership and service opportunities on local, regional, national and international levels.  For several years, Daycroft provided major funding for revitalizing this outreach program, and we still support it, specifically the National Leadership Council.

Special Projects
Daycroft is always interested in hearing about new programs to support Christian Science youth. Occasionally, the Foundation provides financial support to help launch a new initiative or supplies funds for a special need at an established and proven program.

Grant Process

The Board of Trustees makes the majority of funding decisions in January for that calendar year. When there is a specific, unanticipated need, the Board may consider requests at its other quarterly meetings.

If you are applying for a Daycroft Foundation grant for the first time, we urge you to contact the Daycroft office and speak with the Executive Director before applying for a grant. Discussing the potential relationship between Daycroft and an organization is extremely helpful and can save both parties time and effort.

Steps in the grant process:

  1. Submit a letter describing your organization, your specific financial need, and any relevant background information. Your organization’s most recent audited financial statements, most recent 990 tax return, and a copy of your IRS determination letter should accompany your letter. This packet of information must reach the Daycroft office no later than December 31st to be in time for consideration at the Trustees’ January meeting.  Submitting grant request materials by email is helpful.
  2. Members of the Board of Trustees review all grant requests and accompanying information before the actual date of the Board meeting. You may be asked to provide additional information.
  3. In most cases, you will be notified of the Board’s decision concerning your grant request within 2-3 weeks of the January meeting.
  4. Grant checks are normally sent in May.
  5. Grant recipients are expected to report back to Daycroft on how the funds have been used. In the case of scholarships and camperhips, Daycroft wants to know how many children and young people have been helped by the grants. When possible, it is helpful have individual campers or students who have benefited from the funds write directly to the Foundation about their experience.

Grant FAQ’s

  1. Does the Foundation give grants to individuals?
    Daycroft grants are given only to 501c3 non-profit organizations.
  2. Does Daycroft give scholarships for college?
    The Foundation’s giving is directed at the same age groups served by Daycroft School, nursery through grade 12. Daycroft does not give scholarships for college, but suggests you investigate The Albert Baker Fund.
  3. How are grants determined?
    Through visits, telephone conversations, and feedback from our friends around the country, Daycroft keeps in close contact with organizations serving young Christian Scientists. As a result, the Foundation is well acquainted with these organizations’ successes, challenges and financial needs. Daycroft’s grants are made according to the Foundation’s current priorities and where the need is apparent.
  4. If a grant request has been turned down, may an organization reapply?
    You are always welcome to reapply in another calendar year unless it is clear that your organization does not fit Daycroft’s guidelines for giving. If there is a question, please call the Daycroft office.
  5. What is the average range of grants?
    In general, grants range from $5,000 to $30,000.
  6. Will Daycroft help with building projects or other capital expenditures?
    Except in the rarest of cases, Daycroft confines its giving to scholarships, camperships and other grants that have a direct impact on young people participating in programs for Christian Scientists.


Gratitude . . .

From a camper: “I found that coming to camp has brought out what has been hiding inside me for 14 years. I am more responsible and enjoy life so much more than I ever used to.”

From an NLC Parent: “The NLC program has given my daughter a greater sense of community among her peers. It has given her a greater commitment and focus on Christian Science. NLC program is wonderful for teaching the kids to be strong healers, strong leaders and strong servicemen and women.”