Foundation Background

The Daycroft School Foundation grew out of the work of The Daycroft School, Inc., a school for children growing up in Christian Science families. Founded by Sara Pyle Smart in 1928 with just four nursery school students, Daycroft School grew quickly, eventually opening a boarding department and offering a full college preparatory program. The school graduated its first class in 1940 and its last class over 50 years later. In addition to maintaining high academic standards, the hallmark of Daycroft was a wonderful family-like atmosphere, where individuality was honored and each student was encouraged and expected to contribute in ways that made the community a better place for everyone.

In 1991, Daycroft stopped operating the school and sold its Connecticut campus, but immediately began making scholarship grants. In 1994, the name of the corporation was officially changed to the Daycroft School Foundation. The Foundation was established to carry on the ideals of Daycroft School and to serve young Christian Scientists. Most of its grants and programs are in support of children and young people in nursery school through Grade 12, the same ages that Daycroft School served.


Gratitude . . .

From a former Daycroft student: “As I was flipping through the yearbook pages and reading the scrawls of old friends, it struck me how very many times the word “love” was used, how sincere (and mutual) all those feelings were, and how infrequently today one finds oneself in a group that is so cohesive and truly loving. If you’re every looking for a sort of testimonial on how important Daycroft was in shaping a life, I’m your woman.”

From a parent of a camper: “I am convinced that more learning and growth go on in this one week of camp than the entire rest of the year. We immediately saw an affection and a thoughtfulness in our son upon greeting him. I will do my best to nurture it throughout the year. Your loving gift is so appreciated.”