Discover the Fun Right in Your Neighborhood

DiscoveryBound provides quality local, regional, and national activities for Christian Science teens and their friends. Though headquartered in Denver, DiscoveryBound is located in local communities across the United States and in Australia.   It provides inspiring and stimulating recreational, educational, and service activities in an atmosphere conducive to the recognition of the practicality and effectiveness of Christian Science. The activities are both loads of fun and spiritually uplifting, and provide an opportunity for year-round fellowship.

DiscoveryBound sponsors a multi-year leadership program for teens, the National Leadership Council (NLC). The four years of NLC are devoted to developing servant leadership skills and include an adventure trip, community service, and participation in the Congressional Award program.   DiscoveryBound has also introduced a new one-year program for teens. Compass is an opportunity for Christian Science teens in high school to focus on spiritual exploration and to connect with Christian Science peers.

To learn more, or to find out what’s going on in your area, go directly to the DiscoveryBound website.


Gratitude . . .

From a teen participant in the NLC program: “NLC has made me put myself out there and realize I can be heard rather than going along with the crowd and just be a little voice back there. It’s taught me about ethics and communication skills and helped me be more comfortable being myself in front of a crowd.”