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Your gift to Daycroft is a gift in support of spiritually-based education. This kind of education strengthens character, promotes spiritual growth, and encourages young people to develop their talents and make a positive contribution to their communities. What could be more important?

Through its own educational programs and through grants to organizations serving young Christian Scientists, Daycroft is reaching out to young people and spiritual thinkers around the world. Though the Foundation is blessed with an endowment, we are still unable to respond positively to many worthy funding proposals. In addition, as Daycroft’s own programs expand and flourish, the demands on our funds increase. Contributions allow the Foundation to do more and to reach out in vital, fresh ways.

How to Give

We accept gifts by check, credit card and PayPal. In addition, we invite you to consider giving a gift of securities or including Daycroft in your estate planning. Please contact the Daycroft office if you would like someone to call and discuss various giving options. Your contribution is fully tax-deductible.



Gratitude . . .

From a younger camper: “Thank you for helping me go to camp. I LOVED learning how to waterski. I learned how to build a fire. I had trouble with one of my cabin mates, and every day during quiet time I would go outside and pray to know that she is a perfect child of God…I learned how to be a peacemaker and that will help me with my brothers.”

From a teen in a DiscoveryBound program: “This isn’t very spiritual, but I really was astounded by the amount of people in Christian Science. It is such a great feeling to know you aren’t alone.”

From a parent: “I can’t begin to thank you enough for providing support for my son to go to camp. Each year he returns home a stronger young man and a more proficient Christian Scientist. He has tools that he is able to use all year long. Going to camp develops skills and character that will last a lifetime.”